artful domination
by ZombieCamwhore


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Hail Satan

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Sweet Southern Siren

  I am Goddess Vivian Leigh, on old soul and real life siren, succubus and natural witch. I stay young and powerful by thriving off the energy of my devotees. You work hard so I don't have to.

As a femdom but also a southern belle, you will never hear anger in my voice. While I may call you a bitch, a sissy, and a faggot, I do it in a manner sweeter than honeysuckle. A lady never raises her voice louder than a gentle whisper that burrows into your ear and then lodges inside your brain...taking control. And her song is always as sweet as that of a meadowlark. I like to get inside your head and scramble things up a bit, but don't's for your own good.   I don't believe in chastity or physical abuse. I don't need to inflict pain
upon you or hold your orgasm over you to control you. I am more 
  powerful than that. I want you jerking off morning noon and night
until your day is consumed with cravings for me and you can think
  of nothing but. When you call me, you'll be nude on your knees. 
  My voice will penetrate you like daggers as sharp as my ice blue eyes.
 Awaiting my every command, I will lure you to the dark side
and take you places you've never been, but always wanted to go.

Truly the most beautiful woman you've ever seen, but also the most evil.
I open my cam and you are enchanted. Willing to do anything 
for the fantasy of something you can never have.

 Break the monotony and agony of your terminal marriage.
 Feel your pulse rise as I make you do things she would never understand.  

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